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Olga Lamm Projections

“i” (v2), 2002-2003 (please scroll down, hover over the image at bottom right, and click ♫ icon to activate sound)

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“i” (v2), 2002-2003, is an animated video featuring 18 white text based silhouettes that pulsate in turn
on a black ground. Exploring connections between nature and technology, it begins with an icon of a woman that serves as a digital avatar, the succession of symbolic images that follow - including vehicles, still life objects, and animals - ending with a butterfly. The loop echoes this sense of transformation and renewal, and like the imagery and numbers that comprise them functions allegorically.


18 is a number associated with the Hebrew word “chai”, which translates to “life”, for example, and
the flickering forms and the numbers they contain offer an encrypted code that seeks to convey the fundamental unity of all elements in the work and life itself. The minimalist score, performed by a synthetic digital choir who sing the strain of numbers (code) and literally breathe life into the forms they animate reveals the magical realm of mathematics that are foundational to all digital expressions. 


“i” (v2) also embodies the ways that light shapes our perception of reality as it enables us to experience emotions, capture moments, transmit and simulate thoughts, explore dreams and desires, and connect rapidly with others through technology. The work serves as a foundation or fundamental code for exploration, expansion and evolution.

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